CRC’S Latest Technology – Combatting Child Trafficking

  • June 4, 2021

Child Rescue Coalition’s newest technology is already helping to save children.

Responding directly to the requirements of law enforcement investigators the new tools have been in development for more than a year. 
Officers and agents can now collate huge amounts of case information to target those who have been paying for the rape of children on demand, often from thousands of miles away.

The traffickers, who sell the children to be abused and raped, are the other side of this horrific transaction. Arrests are taking place in many locations including The Philippines; sometimes there are 10 or more children being controlled by just one small group of criminals. 

We are so honored to work with law enforcement to bring these criminals to justice and help in rescuing the victims of this heinous crime.

In this particular UK case, Peter Tomlinson, thought to have been a pillar of society, had sent over $10,000 to pay for the abuse of children which he directed from thousands of miles away. 
Tomlinson, a British national, now faces an 18 year prison sentence. 

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