Law Enforcement

For more than a decade Child Rescue Coalition has powered the efforts of child exploitation investigators to track and arrest those who use the internet to steal the innocence of children.

Our Child Protection System (CPS) Technology provides the most comprehensive view of where predators around the world are downloading and sharing explicit content. We offer this leading-edge technology to law enforcement agencies free of charge to keep them multiple steps ahead of current and potential offenders.

Leading-Edge Tech

This tool allows investigators to monitor the areas of the internet where predators lurk - peer-to-peer networks. CPS gives law enforcement the data needed to track, arrest and prosecute child predators, and, more importantly, safeguards the innocence of children from sexual abuse.

Powerful Data

Today, our CPS Technology is so accurate that investigators can use the data to immediately obtain a search warrant, rather than waiting to get a direct download from a child predator. Because of this, our technology is embraced by law enforcement in every U.S state and in more than 95 countries around the world.

Verifiable Information

Investigators and agencies trust us to provide verifiable information that stands up to the rigorous examination of attorneys, judges and juries while improving the successes of undercover operations in real-time. In abuse cases where a child is called to testify, the conviction rate in the U.S. is 46 percent. Conversely, U.S. child sexual abuse material possession cases from CPS Technology have a 97 percent conviction rate.

Request Training

To gain access to CPS, sworn investigators must attend a basic training course taught by a credentialed instructor. These courses take between three and four days and are hosted at various locations across the globe.
Contact CRC today to train your team to use the most effective tool for targeting and apprehending child predators. With our leading-edge technology at your fingertips, you can rescue children that are being sexually abused and prevent thousands of offenders from stealing the innocence of children ever again.


Leading-Edge Technology

24 / 365

Our system compiles and curates millions of records that are indexed and immediately retrievable by law enforcement officials 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.


Analytics targeting the offenders at greatest risk of presently abusing children.

18.5 Billion

18.5 billion records housed from multiple peer-to-peer and chat networks.


Real-time investigative and prosecutorial assistance.

97 %

In abuse cases where a child is called to testify, the U.S. conviction rate is 46 percent. Conversely, the conviction rate in cases that used CPS is 97 percent.

700,000 +

Our tools have prevented the sexual abuse of more than 700,000 children.