It is our responsibility to keep our children out of harm’s way. However, with the expansion of the internet and digital technologies this responsibility has become even more challenging.


The Signs Were There, But No One Was Watching

Trigger Warning: This article contains information about sexual abuse which may be triggering to sur...

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A Mother’s Story: Daughter’s Photo Stolen & Likeness Turned into a Child Sex Doll

“If I took her dreams away because some evil person stole my daughter’s image to make a child se...

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Jessica’s Story: Better Days Are on the Way

Trigger Warning: This article contains information about child sexual abuse which may be triggering ...

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Every day Child Rescue Coalition monitors 30-50 million records linked with child sexual abuse, and ...

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PTSD: The Monster Inside My Head

Trigger Warning: This article, and pages it links to, contains information about sexual abuse and po...

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It’s Not Child Pornography, It’s Child Sexual Abuse Material

Pornography is a term defined as adults engaging in erotic behavior in pictures, video, and/or writi...

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man online gaming

Game Over: When Online Video Gaming “Friendships” Lead To Exploitation

While the majority of victims of child exploitation are victimized by people they know and trust, st...

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Instagram Reels Real Talk: What Parents Need to Know

You might be scrolling through Instagram and see the latest clapboard icon followed by cute pops of ...

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The Truth About TikTok: Online Safety Tips for This Top App

TikTok’s popularity has surged since the pandemic, adding 11 million new users since March. Famili...

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What to Do When a Child Predator Contacts Your Child

You’ve installed monitoring software on all of your child’s devices. You don’t allow screens i...

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Internet Safety Virtual Town Hall: Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused global changes to most aspects of life; and one of the biggest chan...

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Keeping Kids Safe Online – There’s An App For That (or 5!)

The risks that children face today look different than they did in the past. With easy access to the...

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Investigator Shares 6 Steps Predators Take to Groom Kids Online

It’s become commonplace nowadays to see toddlers with iPads, and elementary school aged kids with ...

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How to Keep Zoom Meetings Safe from Predators

How to Keep Zoom Meetings Safe from Unwanted Predators

As our world has evolved and adapted to online and distance learning, one of the primary programs ed...

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9 Internet Safety Reminders During School Closures

With so many school closures across the globe amidst the COVID-19 crisis, we are seeing many compani...

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Why We Don’t Allow Our Kids To Use Devices In Their Bedrooms

This was written by South Florida TV Reporter and Writer Kristen Hewitt. “Twenty years ago our ki...

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6 Signs Your Child Is Being Targeted by a Predator

A child predator most likely looks just like you and me, and is probably already in your trusted cir...

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How to Have “The Talk” About Online Safety with Kids

It happens so quickly. Our kids play games on their tablets as preschoolers learning colors, numbers...

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Download This Two-Way Family Contract for Online Safety & Responsibility

As the holidays approach one gift that comes to mind often for parents is devices. Cell phones, tabl...

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5 Tips From a Psychologist to Prevent Childhood Sexual Abuse

We hear it and see it all the time. A gymnastics teacher who got too close to the girls he was coach...

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Tips from a 10-Year-Old to Stay Safe Online

This post was written by 10-year-old student Lila H., who attended our recent Blankets and Bear Hugs...

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7 Smart Halloween Safety Tips

When the seasons change and the pumpkins appear, it can only mean one thing, Halloween. It’s kids'...

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Avoid these predator attracting hashtags to keep your kids safe online

Avoid These Predator Attracting Hashtags

There is currently a major emphasis on our children’s use of social media. Every day there are new...

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9 Back to School – Back to Online Safety Tips

As the summer days are dwindling and parents and kids are preparing for back to school, it’s also ...

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30 Internet Acronyms All Parents Need to Know

Phones may not have been around when we were kids, but they are now and they're here to stay. And te...

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Child Rescue Coalition’s 2018 Investigator of the Year and Fort Lauderdale detective, Robert Mauro...

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