Medical student arrested for child sexual abuse

  • June 16, 2021

As part of Operation Artemis Brazilian police, utilizing CRC Technology, located the suspect, a medical student, and conducted a search warrant.

Multiple computers and cell phones were found at the residence. Analysis of the devices revealed a conversation the suspect had using WhatsApp where he had also shared newly produced child sexual abuse material with other criminals. 

The suspect confessed to police that he had produced the child abuse material of the infant while he was sleeping. 

Other evidence of different young children, boys and girls,  being sexually abused was found on the same cell phone.

COO Glen Pounder said:
“It is understandably difficult for most of us to wrap our minds around why people commit sexual abuse against very young children. In this case the police located the suspect using CRC Technology but then found direct evidence of the abuse of a child which the suspect had access to. This is all too common. 

This abuse had been shared with other criminals using the encrypted services of WhatsApp. This crime may never have to light if not for the technology which our donors and supporters make possible. Fortunately Brazilian law enforcement continue to be proactive in using our free tools to protect children. It is an honor for us to work with them.”

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