• October 23, 2017

The “Luz da Infância” Mega-Operation, which fights pedophilia in Brazil, has 31 search and seizure warrants and is being held in eight regions of the Federal District and in another twenty-four states . The action has the purpose of ascertaining stockpiles and storage of material containing scenes of explicit sex and pornography of children and adolescents and involves 1.1 thousand policemen. The operation is considered one of the largest actions in the world in the fight against pedophilia. By 1 pm, 104 people had been arrested.

In the Federal District, the police carried out nine search and seizure and coercive search warrants and, by 9:30 am, five people had been arrested in flagrante at Taguatinga, Recanto das Emas, Águas Claras and Guará. Criminals carried computers and tablets containing child pornographic material. In the actions in the capital, 95 policemen were mobilized, among delegates, experts, agents and police clerks.

The action also occurs in Planaltina, Sobradinho, São Sebastião and Asa Sul. The suspects were located through a survey of data made by the National Secretariat of Public Security and the US Embassy in Brazil. The investigations began in April of this year.

To date, in addition to the Federal District, one was arrested in Espírito Santo, eight in Goiás, two in Maranhão, eight in Minas Gerais, two in Para, two in Paraíba, two in Pernambuco, six in Pará, two in Rio de Janeiro, one in Rio Grande do Norte, two in Rondônia, eight in Rio Grande do Sul, three in Santa Catarina, three in Sergipe, 25 in São Paulo and two in Tocantins.

Pedophiles are usually adults who have sexual preference for prepubertal or early puberty. The complex internet environment and the absence of borders in the virtual world are elements that provide fertile ground for the work of these criminals.

The Ministry of Justice and Public Security, the United States Embassy in Brazil, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the intelligence agencies of the security and police departments civilians from the 24 states of Brazil and the Federal District, specialized police stations for crimes against children and adolescents, and police repression units for cyber crimes.

‘Light in Childhood’

The operation was entitled Light in Childhood for being crimes against the sexual dignity of children and adolescents barbarous and harmful. According to the Ministry of Justice, the Internet facilitates this type of criminal conduct and, as a rule, criminals act in the shadows and ghettos of the global computer network.

Light in Childhood means providing children and adolescents who are victims of sexual abuse and violence, the rescue of dignity, and taking these criminals out of the dark, so that they can be judged in the light of justice.

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