CRC Technology helps identify woman involved in child exploitation

  • September 30, 2021

Kellie Smith, a North Carolina woman, faces years in jail after an initial lead from Child Rescue Coalition was followed up by law enforcement investigations to see whether other criminal offenses had been committed. 

Our technology had established a link between an IP address in North Carolina and the trading of child sexual abuse material – CSAM.

Investigators found, through interviews of the initial suspect Stephan Grimes, that he was involved in the sexual exploitation of a minor. Cops then confirmed that Grimes’ former wife Kellie Smith was also directly involved in sexually exploiting the same minor. Smith will now serve a prison sentence in connection with this abuse and be placed on a register of sexual offenders.

COO Glen Pounder “We often explain that what CRC helps law enforcement identify is the minimum amount of crime committed.

It is often the case the the follow up investigations reveal other even more serious criminal activity including the direct sexual exploitation of children.

This particular case, involving sexual exploitation being carried out by a woman, is relatively rare but is of course a very serious offense against a child. Hopefully, with the right help and support, the survivor of this abuse can rebuild their lives.”

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