Arrests mean 300 children safer

  • September 1, 2021

6 more criminals were arrested in Brazil following law enforcement use of CRC Technology and a series of raids conducted as a result of 13 search warrants. 

Predatory pedophiles are estimated to commit offenses against between 50 and 150 children throughout their lifetime.

Proactive work like this means that these 6 men – criminals with a dangerous and illegal sexual interest in children – are now identified and, if convicted, will face a prison sentence along with registration on a sex offenders database.

A significant amount of law enforcement, digital forensic and judicial work still needs to be done to bring these criminals to justice and to ensure any other crimes against children are uncovered.

We are incredibly grateful and proud to work in partnership with our Brazilian friends and colleagues.

The children who had their abuse recorded now know that less offenders are consuming the digital record of a terrible crime. 

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