School worker sexually abused 8-year-old girl for three years

  • January 10, 2022

A case which began as an investigation using CRC Technology uncovered the horrific abuse of an 8-year-old child.

Law enforcement in Canada used our technology to identify Sylvain Villemaire who had been trading horrific child sexual abuse material. As with all good investigators, presented with a criminal who had a dangerous and illegal sexual interest in children, they asked themselves “what else has this suspect been doing?”. 

They discovered that he had paid the mother of a child in Africa, arranged for a visa for her to come to Canada and then set about sexually abusing the child many hundreds of times over the course of three years.

This abuse may never have been uncovered but for the technology provided for free by Child Rescue Coalition and professional, dedicated investigators uncovering the most horrific crimes imaginable.

COO Glen Pounder: “Sometimes, even from law enforcement, we hear the words “image only offender”. That phrase makes no real sense to me; first because anyone consuming child sexual abuse material is committing a profoundly serious crime and revictimizing the children in those terrible images and videos and second because there’s so often, as in this case, other criminality to be uncovered. 
Our technology and tools help cops get to the door; they still have a hugely important job in figuring out the extent of the crimes which have been committed. We have only just found out the details regarding this case but I still offer my sincere gratitude to the law enforcement and prosecutors involved in the case who were able to bring Villemairen to justice while rescuing a young child from horrific sexual abuse. Thankfully she can now move forward with her life free of this dangerous sex offender.”

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