New Officers added in Costa Rica

  • November 19, 2021

CRC recently held a training event in the Dominican Republic which meant that the Spanish speaking officers were trained to become CRC Technology instructors.

That training is now paying off. A training event this week in Costa Rica, led by a Costa Rica police officer delivering training to his colleagues, means that these investigators will be starting to target offenders who have an illegal sexual interest on children.

Our COO Glen Pounder was able to join the training and answer questions from the officers about CRC, the technology and how the future looks for tackling child sexual abuse suspects.

“We are so grateful to the officers for attending the training and to the UK Border Force who made the idea of adding Spanish speaking instructors a reality. That work is now paying off with Costa Rica leading the way in adding new officers to our worldwide coalition. 
It was clear to me that the officers are enthusiastic and are certain to make a difference in their communities. This is some of the most difficult work that law enforcement do anywhere and it was a genuine pleasure to meet the officers, answer their questions and wish them luck in moving forward with their crucial child protection investigations.
We know without doubt that their work will make a difference in many children’s lives.” 

The Head of the Specialized Section Against Cybercrime, Lic. Erick Lewis, indicated that the fight against the distribution of this type of material is constant, and that it must be remembered that we live in an interconnected world where crime has also become global, for that they as a section must be updated more and more, and this training is vital to try to mitigate this crime.

“20 years ago, most of the victims of child sexual abuse dissemination were between 10 and 15 years old, today we have seen that unfortunately the age of the victims has dropped approximately to very young girls and boys, and even up to months.” Lewis stated.

At the opening and welcome to the training, the Ambassador of the United Kingdom in Costa Rica, Mr. Ben Lyster-Binns, also presented his satisfaction to see that the OIJ takes advantage of this training and that it will serve to rescue many children that they are being abused and thus put them to safety. 

“Keeping children safe is one of the fundamental obligations of the State, they have the right to a decent life, regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity or religion, unfortunately in many countries of the world they are subject to to abuse of a different nature, and even sexual abuse, one of the most perverse forms that strongly impacts their lives. The UK is proud to be a global leader in the fight against child sexual abuse. ” 

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