Mother sold child for sexual abuse

  • August 4, 2022

CRC Technology was used by law enforcement in Costa Rica to identify a suspect trading child sexual abuse material.

The investigation developed and led a search warrant for the suspects home address. Officers found a 40-year-old suspect, Mr. Picay, who was caught in the act of sexually abusing an 11-year-old at his home address.

The investigation continues as officers suspect that the 11-year old’s mother had taken payment from the man, a relative of the family, in return for him sexually abusing the child.

Glen Pounder of CRC said “Another incredibly sad story caused by criminals willing to sexually abuse very young children.¬†We are so thankful that Costa Rican Law Enforcement are using our proactive technology to identify these horrific crimes, bring dangerous criminals to justice and rescue children. This young child can hopefully be placed into a safer environment where she is free to grow up without the horrific abuse which was apparently made possible by her own mother.”

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