Moroccan Law Enforcement Officers Trained

  • March 13, 2021

We’re so pleased to announce the addition of Morocco to our law enforcement partnerships. Officers attended a 5 day training course with expert tuition of Instructors Kevin West and Jay Houston.

Investigators now have access to CRC Technology to help in their efforts to identify and arrest those with a dangerous and illegal sexual interest in children.

This training was made possible with the generous support and strategic leadership of colleagues from UK Border Force and The British Embassy Rabat.

COO Glen Pounder:

“More than a year ago I was privileged to visit Morocco and help deliver a workshop addressing the nature of the evolving threats to children from sexual abuse. Although there was an inevitable delay caused by the pandemic, we’re now pleased that Moroccan officers have access to our technology. I have no doubt that children will be saved from abuse due to this crucial engagement.”