CRC Technology Helps French Cops Rescue Children in Major Operation

  • October 8, 2020

French Law Enforcement officers have been involved in a major operation this week.  Using CRC Technology, they were able to identify individuals who were trading thousands of horrific child sexual abuse images and videos.

Over 200 officers were involved in searches across France. 61 suspects were arrested, amongst them teachers and politicians. Child sexual abuse victims were also rescued in this case including one victim who had been sexually abused for over 5 years. 

Hundreds of electronic devices and terabytes of data will be forensically analyzed by French officers in order to fully investigate the extent of the offenses which have been committed against children and to help identify unknown victims.

CRC Chief Operating Officer, Glen Pounder, said “Hearing about operations like this one, where children have been directly rescued from the horrors of child sexual abuse, really shows the power of CRC Technology when utilized by dedicated investigators. We are so proud to have helped our French colleagues identify and arrest those individuals. I also noted with interest there were suspects who were in professions and positions of trust amongst those who stand accused. I sincerely hope the healing process can begin immediately for the child victims. 

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