Child Rescue Coalition Names Glen Pounder Director of Programs

  • April 1, 2019

Child Rescue Coalition (CRC) welcomes their new Director of Programs, Glen Pounder, to the team. Glen Pounder will serve as the organization’s liaison with national and international law enforcement partners. His involvement will expand the use of CRC’s digital forensic tool — Child Protection System (CPS) Technology — and child protection data product offerings globally. Pounder’s involvement will also allow CRC to be more fully represented at national and international conferences and trade shows.

Glen Pounder’s 30 years of experience in law enforcement make him the ideal candidate to lead CRC’s continued expansion. Since 2012, Pounder held the lead liaison responsibility in the USA for the prevention of child sexual abuse and continues to work closely with the United States and law enforcement agencies around the world. Throughout his powerful career, he has undertaken numerous investigative and team leadership roles in the United Kingdom focused on combatting the top echelons of organized crime.

From 2012 to 2017, while employed as the International Liaison Officer in North America and the Northern Caribbean for the National Crime Agency, Pounder strategically oversaw intelligence development and evidential leads. In that time, he spearheaded Operation Caribbean Guardian, using lead intelligence from internet-based technologies to deliver a platform for Caribbean basin nations to tackle the threat of child sexual exploitation. In 2017, CRC acknowledged Glen Pounder with their Investigator of the Year award for his unflinching commitment in combatting child sexual exploitation worldwide.

From 2017 to 2019, Pounder fulfilled a key role as International Liaison Officer for the National Crime Agency in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. In that capacity, he was directly involved with law enforcement and prosecution authorities related to all aspects of serious organized crime.

Glen Pounder’s mastered ability of strategizing and delivering effective programs that disrupt and fully neutralize organized crime will be a valuable asset to CRC’s network of law enforcement agencies, which spans 91 countries worldwide and shows great potential for continued growth. As the Director of Programs for CRC, Glen Pounder will undoubtedly produce further accomplishments in the areas of cybercrime, child protection, and global investigation and intelligence gathering.