TWO Doctor Found With Child Sexual Abuse Material On Their Computers

  • February 14, 2023

There is no discrimination when it comes to child predators, they can be anyone. In this case, two doctors from the State of Rondônia, were found to have child sexual abuse material on their computers. Thanks to Child Rescue Coalition’s technology, we were able to identify these predators with help from Civil Police as well as Ciber LAB of the Department of Strategy and Intelligence, to make the arrest.

“In view of the information, the Civil Police of Ji-Paraná, with the support of POLITEC, carried out searches at the suspects’ residence, and the Expert verified the flagrant situation.

The couple received the policemen with pistol shots, and one of the policemen was hit by shrapnel, but they are not at risk.

The action was successful. The agents seized two firearms, equipment that was used for pedophilia crimes and arrested the suspects.”

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