Suspended 12 month sentence for child sexual abuse

  • September 3, 2021

Trigger Warning ⚠️

A child sexual abuse offender was spared jail in the UK despite being found with hundreds of images and videos of child sexual abuse material – CSAM.

Of the hundreds of images 284 were in the most severe category – known as “category A” in the UK.

According to UK guidelines this most severe category involves:
“Images involving penetrative sexual activity, sexual activity with an animal or sadism.”

The sexual abuse of real children – the rape of real children – forms the material being consumed by perpetrators online. Mr. Allen will not see the inside of a prison cell despite law enforcement’s good work in helping to secure his conviction. 

His defense was that he had a “morbid curiosity” and yet he downloaded hundreds of images and videos of children being abused.

In any event we thank our UK based law enforcement users for being proactive and identifying suspects through the use of our technology. At least authorities now know that this man has what many would view as a dangerous sexual interest in children.

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