The International “Allies for Childhood II” Operation

  • December 5, 2023

Together with international forces, the Paraguayan Public Prosecutor’s Office and the National Police started two of the 100 raids scheduled with the “Allies for Childhood II” Operation across 10 countries. The Operation seeks to identify those who are engaged in the sexual exploitation of children.

Commissioner Diosnel Alarc├│n, head of Computer Crimes of the National Police, said that they have at least 100 suspects who were in possession of child sexual abuse material. Just days after the start of the Operation, law enforcement had seized 500 devices and found over 11,000 illegal files. “The consumption of material is excessive and scary, you can see the abuse of children and adolescents. As I always say, the one who sees, at some point will want to do,” he warned.

Thank you to our law enforcement partners in Paraguay, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Chile, Panama, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Peru and the United States for their work on this important Operation.

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