The Alaska House of Representatives has passed a bill changing the way sex crimes against children are worded in state law.

  • March 15, 2024

The bill replaces uses of the term “child pornography” with “child sexual abuse material” in all instances it appears in Alaska Statute. 

“The reality is that pornography exists and it is recognized as a legal adult industry,” said Rep. Sarah Vance, the bill’s sponsor. “However, what we’re addressing here is a crime — a malicious crime that inflicts harm on children and robs them of their innocence. It’s crucial to distinguish this criminal activity…from the broader category of pornography.”

This is a HUGE win in the way we change the narrative related to child sexual abuse. 

Michael Donlan, CEO of Child Rescue Coalition says, “Child Sexual Abuse is an egregious crime, and we applaud the Alaska State House for calling it what it is, Abuse. The term pornography implies consent, and a child cannot and will not consent to being abused. We encourage the Alaska State Senate to take up this legislation immediately.”

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