Spain Conducts Their Largest-Ever CSAM Investigation To Date

  • November 14, 2024

In November, the Central Cybercrime Unit in Spain arrested over 120 offenders in their largest-ever CSAM investigation. With the use of CRC Technology, police were able to identify these predators that were linked to the distribution of over 500 terabytes of child sexual abuse material. The investigation spanned the entire country and is now considered one of the most important investigations carried out in Spain’s history.

“For the Spanish National Police, and specifically for the Child Protection III Team of the Central Cybercrime Unit, the identification of users who distribute CSAM content on P2P networks is a priority, since in Spain it is one of the main channels for the distribution of content. Moreover, as we have seen over time, many of these users commit, in parallel to the possession and distribution of this illegal content, other crimes against minors online, such as grooming, sexting or even the production of paedophile content. Crimes in which there are minors who are victims and who do not report these serious acts to the authorities. For this reason, CRC Technology¬†is key as it is often the only way to reach these high value targets and stop their activity.”

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