• By Siobhan Gorman, CBS New York
  • October 18, 2018

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Parents are posting photos of young children online at record levels, but those photos can be misused if you’re not careful with where and how you post them.

Whether it’s a baby’s first steps, the first day of school, or another major milestone, many people will post a photo on social media to chronicle the event, reports CBS2’s Siobhan Gorman.

It’s become so popular that nearly 1 in 3 parents now post photos of their children on social media accounts at least once every single day, according to a recent study by the computer security firm McAfee.

The same study found that while 71 percent of parents agree that images could end up in the wrong hands, most continue to post photos.

An organization called the Child Rescue Coalition warns that a social media presence can make young children vulnerable to exploitation.

Also concerning: Posting a photo with geolocation data embedded in it that can reveal your child’s location to strangers.

To reduce the risks:

Check your privacy settings on social media accounts to make sure your photos are only shared with family or friends.
Turn off geotagging on your social media accounts and on your phone or camera.
Be cautious about the types of photos you post, and think twice about pictures showing children partially dressed or exposed in some way.
Be careful about hashtags that can help predators easily find pictures of children.

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