Operation in PA seizes computer used to transmit images of child sexual abuse

  • October 24, 2023

Child Rescue Coalition’s technology has aided in the identification of a device at an airport in Pará, Brazil during Operation Jay Jay. The Federal Police, seized in the south of Pará this Thursday, a computer with evidence of having been used to transmit photos and videos of child sexual abuse. The predator has not yet been identified. From computer expertise and analysis, it should be possible to obtain more information to reach the person who committed this crime.

“According to the PF, the name of the operation refers to the old children’s cartoon called “Jay Jay, The Jet”, since the shares departed from a hangar inside Redenção Airport.”

By supporting CRC, we are able to equip law enforcement officers, WORLDWIDE, with our free technology to identify harmful predators transmitting photos and videos of child sexual abuse and to protect children.