News Update – Child Victim Identified Following Police Investigation

  • April 26, 2022

At the beginning of this year we shared news of Steven Cooksey being linked with over 1 million child abuse images.
We can now share further information regarding his crimes against children. 

In January 2022 a Cambridgeshire man appeared before Peterborough Crown Court charged with Sexual Touching of a girl under 13, Taking an Indecent Image of a Child, 3 counts of Making an Indecent Image of a Child and Possession of Prohibited Images.

The enquiry started with Child Rescue Coalition Technology assisting the police to identify a suspect in the Cambridgeshire area of the UK. Following the execution of a search warrant, the suspect’s electronic devices were seized and forensically examined. This revealed in excess of 300,000 prosecutable child sexual abuse images and over 1,000,000 indicative images along with some extreme pornography. Officers noted that some of the CSAM recovered appeared to be first generation, one of which contained an image of a finger the print of which was matched to the suspect. Camera data in the photographs was also found to match a camera seized from the defendant.

Enquiries led overseas and resulted in the identification of a previously unknown child victim (now adult) who the suspect had abused when he was living outside the UK.

On his appearance at Court the defendant was handed a 42 month prison sentence along with a Sexual Harm Prevention Order for life in addition to forfeiture and destruction of his electronic devices. The charges had been reduced to avoid involving the victim who would have been unaware that the offenses had taken place.

As the victim of these offenses would have been unaware of them, these matters would not have been detected without the use of the Child Rescue Coalition’s proactive software.

The officers in this case have shown an outstanding ability to investigate the serious additional offenses committed by Mr. Cooksey who is thankfully now behind bars.