Magnet Forensics And Child Rescue Coalition Partner On Magnet OUTRIDER

  • December 12, 2019

Technology partnership brings cutting edge technology to CSAM-related investigations — helping law enforcement as they rescue victims and bring criminals to justice.

Magnet Forensics, a global leader in the development of digital investigation software and Child Rescue Coalition (CRC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to combating the sexual exploitation of children, today announced that they have partnered to bring Magnet OUTRIDER to CSAM investigators who can benefit from quick triaging on-scene.

Recently released by Magnet Forensics, Magnet OUTRIDER is a preview tool used to quickly scan smartphones and computers to determine if illicit material is present — often identifying it in five minutes or less. From there, a risk profile of the target user can be quickly developed. OUTRIDER reduces demand on digital forensic units by limiting the number of seized devices and prioritizing those that require urgent full forensic analysis — decreasing the timeframe between arrest and charge.
Purpose-built to be used by both technical and non-technical officers, Magnet OUTRIDER utilizes CRC’s technology, Neula which identifies fragmented pieces and fast detection of illegal content — with block hashing technology as a core component. CRC’s technology has been trained on known CSAM material through their relationships with the U.S., Canada and other countries, and has helped set a new standard of speed.

“With offenders becoming more aware than ever of how to hide their illicit materials, the integration of the Neula technology with Magnet OUTRIDER is another valuable tool for officers,” says Carly Yoost, Founder & CEO of Child Rescue Coalition. “We’re proud to work with our partners at Magnet Forensics to help make sure that those who are at risk of offending again are unable to do so.”

Jad Saliba, Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Magnet Forensics says “Child Exploitation investigators need the fastest tools in their arsenal to be able to locate illegal material and get to the evidence as quickly as possible. With OUTRIDER, that lightning fast triaging on-scene can help them determine which devices to seize for a forensic examination. That can be important in cases such as executing a search warrant at a suspect’s home or determining if a paroled offender has breached their release conditions. Thanks to our partnership with CRC, we’re able to help save valuable time for law enforcement agencies around the world.”

Magnet OUTRIDER is available as a free trial until the end of 2019, with CRC technology included for a select beta audience. General availability is scheduled for early 2020. Visit for more information.

About Magnet Forensics
Magnet Forensics is a global leader in the development of digital investigation software that acquires, analyzes and shares evidence from computers, smartphones, the cloud and more. Magnet Forensics tools are used by over 4,000 agencies in 93 countries and has been helping investigators fight crime, protect assets and guard national security since 2011. For more information, please visit or contact

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About Child Rescue Coalition
Child Rescue Coalition (CRC), a south Florida-based nonprofit organization with global reach, has spent the past decade building the world’s most sophisticated technology to hunt child predators. CRC’s Child Protection System (CPS) Technology is utilized by law enforcement officials in all 50 U.S. states and 96 countries around the world. The technology allows law enforcement to track predators, monitor their activities, prevent potential abuse, and make important arrests.

Through proactive partnerships with law enforcement, the nonprofit’s system has tracked 71 million offenders around the world in order to protect children from sexual exploitation and abuse. With a mission of protecting innocence through technology, the technology developed by CRC has aided in the arrest of 12,000 child predators and rescued over 2,500 abused children in the last six years alone. For more information, visit or call (561) 208-9000.

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