Coalition Club

As a nonprofit, our work is made possible through the generous support of individuals like you. Your support can help rescue a child from sexual exploitation and prevent abuse so that they can grow up to live happy and healthy lives.

The Coalition Club is for individuals who commit to donating at least $25 per month on an ongoing basis. Coalition Club members receive VIP upgrades to select events, exclusive invitations to private events, honorable mentions at Child Rescue Coalition meetings and online initiatives, and a silver lapel pin to show you stand strong against those who wish to take away the innocence of children.

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“As a survivor of sexual assault, I know firsthand how life altering the experience is. If CRC can save one child and can prevent them from having everything they know about themselves change, it is worth every single dollar.”

– Lisa Maurer, Coalition Club member and survivor

Our Impact


Using our tool, police have rescued more than 3,070 children from sexual exploitation and abuse.


Our technology has led to the arrests of more than 13,375 dangerous predators across the globe.


Countries Worldwide


To date, our technology has prevented the abuse of more than 650,000 children.

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