Florida Detective Goes the Extra Mile to Secure Justice in Child Abuse Case

  • September 2, 2020

Having used CRC Technology to identify and arrest Sebastian Marcus Day, Detective Burke could easily have given up once he left the US and relocated to St. Lucia. Not for this detective! Working with her colleagues, federal agencies and other authorities a new piece of legislation was introduced in St. Lucia. This new law recognized Day’s offenses and, 6 years after the original investigation, officer Burke was finally able to bring her suspect to justice.

Child Rescue Coalition’s Chief Operating Officer, Glen Pounder, said “I have worked extradition cases and they can be some of the most challenging and frustrating processes which law enforcement have to deal with. Going the extra mile to instigate a change of legislation in another country is outstanding work in my opinion”.

Detective Burke’s agency agrees. “No one fights harder for children than detectives like Chastity Burke,” Sheriff Chitwood said. “Thanks to her dedication, our entire Internet Crimes Against Children team and all the help and support of every level of our justice system, Sebastian Day can’t hide from the law any longer. Today, the world’s a little safer, and there’s one less safe harbor for those responsible for stealing our kids’ innocence.”

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