Parental Tips

Why We Don’t Allow Our Kids To Use Devices In Their Bedrooms

This was written by South Florida TV Reporter and Writer Kristen Hewitt.

“Twenty years ago our kids were safe in their bedrooms. Now with the internet and the connection to the outside world they are not.”

These are the words of Glen Pounder, Director of Programs, Child Rescue Coalition in Boca Raton, FL. And when I heard him speak about the dangers of the internet, and received a demo of the unique CPS Technology CRC gives to law enforcement, my blood ran cold.

These aren’t just guys talking about young girls, or throwing cat calls down the street. These are dangerous criminals writing and distributing child sexual abuse material, grooming manuals, and all sorts of disgusting and abusive photos and videos of children.

Our children.

The internet can be a dangerous place for kids, take our advice and don't use devices in kid's bedrooms.

Our innocent boys and girls that don’t even know this type of evil exists. They might slowly be learning about the internet, and some sexual innuendos from their friends in middle school, but they don’t understand and know the definitions of sexual abuse or rape. They don’t know that there are people out there that want to harm them and call these dangerous acts of violence and abuse “child love”. They don’t know that they are in danger every single time they post a public photo on the internet, or chat with someone during a video game.

But we do, and it’s our job to keep our kids safe.

After working with Child Rescue Coalition, attending some events like Blankets and Bear Hugs, and speaking with Glen, I immediately came home and banned our daughters from using their iPads in their rooms. I moved all of their chargers out to the kitchen, and now they are only allowed to play video games and apps in a common area.

The same goes for our oldest daughter’s school laptop. If it has an internet connection, it stays where I can see it. Because these kids are smart; and they know how to delete text messages and download apps to try to avoid us. But we have to be smarter.

The internet can be a dangerous place for kids, take our advice and don't use devices in kid's bedrooms

Every day Child Rescue Coalition monitors 30-50 million records linked with child sexual abuse, and reports its findings to law enforcement. They are watching peer-to-peer file sharing networks (like Napster used to be) and have trained officers in 96 countries to find and try to capture these predators. But they still need our help to educate not only our children and ourselves.

Their stance on kids, the internet and social media is simple. Carly Yoost, CEO and Founder of Child Rescue Coalition, says that the use of social media by children is a personal decision among families and would “ask parents to really think about the consequences of adding kids to a social media network earlier than 13 years of age.”

“If you do decide this is right for your family, make sure kids are never using their devices in their bedrooms, only in common areas so parents are always aware of who their children are talking to.”

Great advice, I’m taking it. Are you?