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Download This Two-Way Family Contract for Online Safety & Responsibility

As the holidays approach one gift that comes to mind often for parents is devices. Cell phones, tablets, iPads and more are wrapped up with glee as we can’t wait to see our tweens and teen’s expressions! But along with these shiny and wonderful gifts comes a big responsibility for parents and kids, staying safe online. 
One way to ensure our children understand the rules of online responsibility is to have them sign a contract before powering up their new device. As we’ve done research into creating a Child Rescue Coalition contract, we’ve found there are many online that focus on phones and social media use, but we wanted ours to have a more holistic digital feel.  And it’s not just for kids to sign either.
Child Rescue Coalition founder and CEO Carly Yoost says,
“It is just as important for parents to learn internet safety as it is for their children. Parents could unknowingly be putting their children at risk by sharing online about their children. Our CRC contract is a new way of thinking about family internet safety. Showing your child that you will follow safety rules as well, sets a great example for your children to do all that you can to remain safe online.”
So we’ve created a two-way contract to be read, discussed, and signed by both parents and children before they venture online.  At Child Rescue Coalition, we believe internet safety is an important conversation for families to have ongoing. We understand the importance of keeping kids safe online, especially with roughly 2,500 new apps being launched each day. That’s 100 new apps an hour!
Parents need to stay on top of new research and have open communication with their kids. Just as you need a license to drive a car, you also need to sign a contract before using the internet. Both are a privilege not a right, and rules should apply to both parents and kids.
So before you give the gift of communication, make sure to download two-way family contract for online safety & responsibility! Wrap it up with their new device and give the gift of internet safety this holiday season. Click here to download your copy today.