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Child Rescue Coalition Turns 10: A Decade of Impact

This year we’re celebrating 10 years of protecting the innocence of children through technology! As we explore some of the defining moments of our work over the past decade, we’re taking time to reflect on who we are and what we do.

If you’re just getting to know CRC, here are some fast facts:

  • Law enforcement agencies in 98 countries around the globe have been trained on our technology to identify and arrest child sexual predators.
  • Our technology provides the most comprehensive view of where child predators around the world are downloading and sharing explicit content online.
  • We provide our technology to law enforcement for FREE, thanks to your generous donations.
  • Our work has led to the arrest of more than 14,800 child predators, and has directly rescued more than 3,400 children from sexual abuse.

 Ten Pivotal Moments That Defined Our First Decade

1. Child Rescue Coalition Launches as a Nonprofit Organization

We are celebrating 10 years of protecting children, read our top 10 moments now and thank you for your continued support!

The initiation of the Child Rescue Coalition on December 13, 2013, marked a pivotal moment in raising awareness and taking decisive action to protect children from exploitation. This significant milestone signaled a collective commitment to addressing the critical issue of child exploitation on a global scale. 

By shining a spotlight on this pervasive problem, we have aimed to mobilize communities, organizations, and individuals to actively participate in the protection and rescue of vulnerable children.

2. TransUnion Partners with CRC

TransUnion was the first corporate partner of Child Rescue Coalition starting in December of 2013. TU opened their doors and gave CRC a home, and has allowed the non-profit to be rent free in their South Florida office ever since. To date TransUnion continues to be CRC’s largest sponsor, offers technical support at CRC’s Boca Raton location, and offers their employees a matching program to give back to Child Rescue Coalition. 

“TransUnion has been unsung heroes in child protection, a big part of CRC and our effort to protect children around the world” – Carly Yoost, Founder and Chairman of the Board, Child Rescue Coalition.

3. Blankets & Bear Hugs Volunteer Kits Launch

In 2014, CRC and TransUnion established a volunteer opportunity to benefit victims of child sexual abuse. “Blankets & Bear Hugs” kits allow volunteers to create comfort care packages containing teddy bears, blankets, and activity booklets. These care packages are given to law enforcement and rape crisis centers for distribution to child sexual abuse survivors in an effort to offer comfort when rescued.

To date, CRC has created 4,000+ Blankets & Bear Hugs Kits via in-person events and at-home volunteer kit sales. In 2020, these kits became available for at home projects. 

4. Carly Yoost Named a L’Oréal Woman of Worth

We are celebrating 10 years of protecting children, read our top 10 moments now and thank you for your continued support!

In 2016, our founder and prior volunteer CEO, Carly Yoost, was named a Women of Worth Honoree by L’Oréal Paris. For over two decades, L’Oréal Paris has recognized founders and leaders of grassroots nonprofits that have supported a breadth of causes. Fueled by a strong sense of worth and purpose, these women show us the power just one individual can make in the lives of many.

Featuring Child Rescue Coalition’s work on this international stage, supported by influential women like Blake Lively, left a lasting impact on our reach and our work.

5. Blake Lively Speaks on Behalf of Child Rescue Coalition

We are celebrating 10 years of protecting children, read our top 10 moments now and thank you for your continued support!

Child Rescue Coalition’s vital work tracking and arresting thousands of child predators across the globe captured the attention of actress and mother, Blake Lively. 

The talented mother of four lent her voice to raise awareness about childhood sexual abuse and exploitation, introducing Child Rescue Coalition as her charity of honor during Variety’s Power of Women luncheon held on Friday, April 21, 2017 in New York City. 

Watch Blake Lively’s passionate speech about child sexual abuse here.

6. Child Rescue Coalition Launches “Kids for Privacy” Campaign

In 2018, Child Rescue Coalition partnered with David and Goliath, and  launched a social media campaign called Kids for Privacy, which took a bold stance against overexposing children on social media, and urged parents to pause before posting their kids online.

Through a strategic takeover of hashtags, we harnessed the power of social platforms to spread awareness, using signs that empowered children to advocate for their right to privacy online

7. Top Arrest: Operation Notarise

We are celebrating 10 years of protecting children, read our top 10 moments now and thank you for your continued support!

In 2014, CRC Technology aided in a 6-month investigation in the UK called Operation Notarise. By using our unique technology, law enforcement agencies in the UK were able to identify and arrest 660 child predators, resulting in the rescue of 431 children.

Among the 660 arrested were teachers, medical staff, former police officers, a social services worker, a foster father, and a scout leader. Only 39 (5%) of those arrested in this operation were registered sex offenders, and the vast majority had no previous contact with law enforcement — meaning these predators were flying under the radar, free to abuse children online and in person.

This case exemplifies the impact our organization seeks to make in the world, and the positive outcomes that follow when law enforcement agencies use our technology to identify dangerous sexual predators.

8. Child Rescue Coalition Grows to Use in 98 Countries

Our technology has had a global impact in identifying child sexual predators, reaching an impressive 98 countries. 

By leveraging cutting-edge advancements, we are making significant strides in protecting children worldwide, reinforcing our commitment to creating a safer digital environment for the most vulnerable members of our global community.

9. C.R.A.M. eBook is Created as a Valuable Parent Resource

We are celebrating 10 years of protecting children, read our top 10 moments now and thank you for your continued support!

You wouldn’t let your child get behind the wheel of a car without making sure they understand the rules of the road and how to stay safe. The same should be true when allowing kids to access the internet. 

That’s why during the height of the pandemic when more kids than ever were working online, we created a free ebook – CRAM – that contains our top tips for keeping kids safe from sexual predators.

10. Child Rescue Coalition Welcomes a New CEO

We are celebrating 10 years of protecting children, read our top 10 moments now and thank you for your continued support!

In 2023, Child Rescue Coalition welcomed Michael Donlan as the new CEO of our organization. Donlan brings an impressive background in technology and leadership to CRC. His distinguished career includes senior executive roles at renowned companies such as Apple, Microsoft, and Oracle. It was a unanimous decision among the board and leadership that Michael’s extensive leadership experience and a brilliant technical mind made him the perfect choice to lead Child Rescue Coalition into the future as CEO.

“While Michael Donlan’s technical and leadership accomplishments are impressive, what truly sets him apart is his dedication to projects that make a positive impact on children and society. His passion for the ‘greater good’ and the belief in ‘paying it forward’ make him an ideal fit for CRC,” said Carly Yoost, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Child Rescue Coalition.

As we look back on our first 10 years,  we couldn’t be more proud of the accomplishments we’ve made toward ending child sexual abuse and exploitation. We also couldn’t have done ANY of it without YOU. 

Ten years ago, our technology was used by officers in 30 countries and had contributed to the arrest of approximately 4,000 criminals. As we move into year 11, we’ve expanded to 98 countries and have helped arrest 14,800+ dangerous sexual predators. 

Each and every milestone we’ve achieved — each child rescued, care package delivered, new officer trained, and sexual predator taken off the street — is possible because of our supporters. As a nonprofit organization, your passion, participation and donations make our impact on the world a reality.

Thank you for standing with us and choosing to #JoinTheFight to protect children from sexual abuse. Will you stand with us as we enter the next decade? 

Learn more about the work we do, or give to help us continue our mission.