Eight Children Rescued in CPS Led Ukraine Police Operation

  • May 26, 2020

Thanks to our Child Protection System (CPS) Technology, the Ukraine Cyber Police apprehended 4 dangerous individuals involved in the sexual abuse & exploitation of children via an Operation called “Spider Web”. 

The operation was conducted in May 2020 despite the ongoing challenges relating to COVID-19. The case also resulted in 8 children (ages 7 – 14) being directly rescued from child sexual abuse including a case where a parent had abused their own child and published child abuse material via decentralized networks. There was a total of 5724 GB of media devices seized as part of this operation and the criminal investigations will continue. 

As relatively new partners, we are so proud to be working with Ukraine law enforcement to identify those who provide the greatest risk to children. Together, we can further our mission of protecting innocence through technology.

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