Child Rescue Coalition’s Technology Provides Organizations with Peace of Mind

  • December 11, 2019


December 11, 2019 BOCA RATON, Fla.— Child Rescue Coalition (CRC), a nonprofit whose mission is to rescue children from sexual abuse by building technology for law enforcement to track, arrest, and prosecute child predators, announced today they will make the power of the data from their world-renowned Child Protection System (CPS) Technology available to organizations around the world. This will enhance the ongoing monitoring of current employees who may be possessing or sharing child sexual abuse material online.

CRC currently shares the powerful technology with law enforcement in 96 countries, which has led to the arrest of over 12,000 predators to date. According to Carly Yoost, Founder and CEO of Child Rescue Coalition, organizations that have workers with direct child interaction would benefit greatly from integrating this technology into their digital platform.

“Parents want to know that when they seek a caregiver online, send their child to school or arrange a pickup through a ridesharing app that their child will be safe from a predator,” said Yoost.  “Traditional screening tools are no longer enough. Child Rescue Coalition’s CPS Technology provides organizations with an added layer of protection and gives their customers peace of mind in a time when people depend on the ease of using technology but are concerned for their own safety and the safety of the ones they love.”

While there is certainly a heightened application to platforms with direct child interaction, CRC’s technology works with any organization that has an online presence and is actively logging activity on their servers for their users with just IP addresses and a time and date stamp. From gig and sharing economy marketplaces to school districts and youth & foster care, organizations can monitor employees to ensure an added layer of safety for the communities they serve.

“I can say emphatically that Child Rescue Coalition’s CPS Technology is a critical tool for all marketplace platforms screening users,” said Jeremy Gottschalk, former General Counsel for Sittercity and Executive Director of the Marketplace Industry Association. “Not only is it an essential resource for platforms offering services to children and young kids, but it can be leveraged by platforms providing services to users of all ages.”

“The value to businesses is the more than 15 years of powerful data protecting their brand, reducing risk of litigation, improving trust and safety, and most importantly, preventing the abuse of children through the early detection of predators on their platform,” said Yoost.

CPS Technology works by monitoring peer-to-peer file sharing networks in real time. CRC’s technology indexes 30 to 50 million reports of online users trading child sexual abuse material every day. This information allows Child Rescue Coalition to expose hidden networks of abusers and report their activity. The data is provided to local law enforcement agencies to help them protect children by tracking, arresting and prosecuting child predators worldwide — often without having to put children through the trauma of testifying in court.

Since the start of 2019, CRC’s technology was one of the tools used by law enforcement in the arrest of nearly 1,700 child sex predators that reside in the United States. This year alone, a gymnastics coach at a popular Boca Raton-based gym was arrested on nine charges for possessing and compiling child sexual abuse material and a facilities manager, who oversaw the facilities of an entire campus that included two public charter schools, was arrested on 15 counts of possession of obscene material depicting child sexual conduct.  While organizations like these do utilize traditional background checks, CRC’s technology works post-hire to ensure continued safety.

To learn more about Child Rescue Coalition’s CPS technology for enterprise use, visit or email Alex Ortiz, Director of Business Development, at