• April 16, 2018

Child Rescue Coalition (CRC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to combating the sexual exploitation of children, today announced its partnership with Magnet Forensics, a global leader in the development of digital investigation software. The partnership will further enable child exploitation investigators’ efforts to better identify and convict perpetrators and use technology to rescue and protect children.

“Child Rescue Coalition and Magnet Forensics share a mission of assisting our partners in law enforcement combat the heinous crime of child sexual exploitation,” stated Carly Yoost, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Child Rescue Coalition. “We at Child Rescue Coalition thank the team at Magnet Forensics for their partnership, sustainable financial support and willingness to integrate technologies to improve child sexual exploitation investigations with the ultimate goal of bringing perpetrators to justice and keeping children safe from sexual exploitation.”

Each year, more than 300,000 children are abused in the U.S. alone[1], and the number of child exploitation cases globally is rising. Predators are leveraging common technology tools like cell phones, social media, and chat applications to target and coerce children. Increasingly sophisticated technologies, including encryption techniques and peer-to-peer networks on the “Dark Web,” provide easier, more anonymous access to child sexual abuse material, and hide perpetrators’ activities. In addition, as many as 85 percent of online offenders viewing child sexual exploitation material are also sexually abusing children.[2]

The partnership between CRC and Magnet Forensics came together on the recommendation of the national police forces in the United Kingdom and Canada.

As part of the partnership, Magnet Forensics will provide a multi-year donation to help fund CRC’s operations. “Child Rescue Coalition is an integral partner to law enforcement in the global fight to stop child sexual exploitation,” said Jad Saliba, a former digital forensic examiner, and Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Magnet Forensics. “We at Magnet Forensics are proud to partner with Child Rescue Coalition and support their operations as we share a common mission of keeping children safe from sexual exploitation and bringing perpetrators of these terrible crimes to justice.” Details on the technology integration and innovation between CRC and Magnet Forensics will be released later in 2018.

About Child Rescue Coalition

CRC, a south Florida-based nonprofit organization with global reach, has spent the past decade building the world’s most sophisticated technology to hunt online predators. CRC’s Child Protection System (CPS) is utilized by law enforcement officials in all 50 states and 79 countries around the world. The technology allows law enforcement to track predators, monitor their activities, prevent potential assaults, and make important arrests.

Through proactive partnerships with law enforcement, the nonprofit’s system has tracked 54 million offenders around the world in order to protect children from sexual exploitation and abuse. With a mission of protecting innocence through technology, the technology developed by the CRC has aided in the arrest of 10,000 online predators and rescued over 2,300 abused children in the last four years alone. For more information, visit or call (561) 208-9000.

About Magnet Forensics

Magnet Forensics is a global leader in the development of digital investigation software that acquires, analyzes and shares evidence from computers, smartphones, the cloud and more. Magnet Forensics tools are used by over 4000 agencies in 93 countries and has been helping investigators fight crime, protect assets and guard national security since 2011. For more information, please visit or contact Follow us on Twitter: @MagnetForensics and LinkedIn.