Research and Development Systems Engineer

Develop system software (analysis, design & programming) targeted towards a law enforcement user base, located worldwide for the purpose of finding and assisting in the prosecution of offenders that exploit and share child pornography. Such system functions are multi-layered / n-tiered, hosted on multiple networks and operating environments (hardware and virtual). These interact with each other using standard communications protocols (such as thrift, rest, http and proprietary). Research and develop applications that search within networks using their domain protocols for indisputable leads of child pornography (crawlers). As new networks emerge, Quick adaptation and learning is required to harvest that data. Ensure that all operations are logged and processed through intermediary pipelined flow processing for storage in big data servers. Analyze stored data using research algorithms and searches, this triages infinite volumes of data to the end user. Present data to end user via various methods, most commonly via web interfaces. Participate in the design and construction of computer software forensic tools and auxiliary tools used in multiple desktop operating systems such as Linux, macOS and Windows. These tools will perform mid to low level (close to hardware) operations and communicate results back to the employer’s data storage infrastructure. Set-up maintenance and operations of clustered services for consumption by third parties (APIs) using the internal data framework and web-based interfaces using a thorough understanding of all underlying protocols, architectures, operating systems, services and languages is required. Develop for, administer and monitor system security. Develop and administer account administration protocols. Monitor software and server security systems for evolving threats and implement mitigating solutions as appropriate. Continuously support technology platforms to ensure that they are up-to-date and monitor system logs for security threats. Monitor data for quality assurance and refine protocols based on analysis of data quality. Implement software enhancements to reduce data collection errors where appropriate. Perform system tests, troubleshoot and resolve software and networking problems. Contribute hands-on to component concept, design, development, and support activities. Working with staff from each department to determine information technology requirements, recommend and develop software and hardware solutions, and coordinate with stakeholders to integrate solutions into existing systems. Anticipate and Plan for the evolving data collection and analysis needs of program, development and administrative operations. Develop project technical specifications and design data structures to facilitate business practices and long-range goals. Track task progress and project deliverables. Provide ongoing support and training to end-users: staff, volunteers, and program participants. Troubleshoot end- user problems and develop and implement solutions. Proactively identify system shortcomings and engage stakeholders in ongoing systems improvement. Develop, document, and test firmware in C and C++ using classical object-oriented design principles. Create appropriate technical documentation, including technical reports and lab notebook unit tests as required. Customize and administer end-user application features. Design user experience for clarity of information gathering and ease of accurate data entry, mistake-proofing where possible. Conduct ongoing requirements analysis with users. Work closely with staff across departments to develop useful reports and metrics to support organizational goals. Implement software solutions to facilitate report generation and metric tracking. Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineer and four years’ experience in software systems and tolls supporting law enforcement. Job experience with the following computer languages and concepts: PHP; MYSQL; UNIX/SYSADMIN; C#/MONO; C/C++; GIT; TCP/IP; HTTP; TLS; JAVA; JAVASCRIPT; DESIGN PATTERNS; FILE FORMATS: XML, JSON, HTML, CSV; and process automation (the scripting of repetitive tasks using shell and related script languages and tools) as demonstrated by four years of on the job experience. Job requires 40 hours per week. Job is located in Boca Raton, FL. Salary is $95,000 per year. Please send resume to: William Wiltse at Child Rescue Coalition, Inc., 4530 Conference Way South, Boca Raton, FL 33431, or e-mail to wwiltse at