Canadian Police Training – Ottawa

  • June 23, 2022

CRC expert instructors, Kevin West, Damien Bloor, and Michael Sabadin trained 19 new Investigators at the Canadian Police College in Ottawa, Canada this week.

There were officers from multiple agencies including: Canadian Forces Military Police, Cape Breton Regional Police Service, Halton Regional Police Service, Winnipeg Police Service, Ontario Provincial Police, Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal, Regina Police Service, Windsor Police Service, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and Vancouver Police Department.

These law enforcement professionals began looking at real suspects during their training course. They will now be able to use CRC Technology to investigate people exchanging child sex abuse material and identify criminals sexually abusing children.

CRC’s groundbreaking technology is provided to them free of charge due to our coalition of donors and supporters.  We look forward to seeing the reports of their success in apprehending more predators and the rescue of innocent children from sexual abuse.

We are grateful to the Canadian Police College part of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for hosting this training.